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Star Aviation Training is a leading provider of aircraft maintenance training for engineers across the globe. Since our founding in 2006, we have helped the aviation industry continuously raise standards through the provision of innovative and engaging training programs.

We strive for excellence, utilising technology and highly experienced instructors to deliver our training. Our instructors are skilled and motivated, and they aim to provide our students with a positive interactive learning experience focused on impactive knowledge enhancement.

Why Choose Star Aviation Training?

At Star Aviation Training, we strive beyond good intentions. We make an impact locally and internationally being a global maintenance training organisation. Our vision for the future is ambitious and exciting.

Star Aviation Training has a track record of providing industry-leading aircraft maintenance training. Our outlook is progressive and optimistic in everything we do. We are encouraged by student successes and the role we have played in them.

We adopt a flexible approach to training delivery to meet the needs of our students. That flexibility includes delivering training at our bespoke facility in Queensland or a specific location selected by our clients.

Who is star aviation?

Star Aviation Training is a CASA Part 147 and GCAA CAR 147 Approved Maintenance Training Organisation. We provide regulatory-approved aircraft maintenance training to engineers, aircraft maintenance organisations, and airlines.

Established in 2006, Star Aviation Training has been providing aircraft maintenance training for over a decade. Our team has more than 100 years of accumulated experience in the field of aviation maintenance. Our objective is to share this expertise with you while delivering high-quality training that adheres to our stringent safety standards. We provide our students with the help, learning material, and support they need throughout their journey.

The company

We aim for the stars, we’re always looking to improve, we lead the way.


We’re a CASA Part 147 & GCAA CAR 147 approved maintenance training organisation.


We’re transparent in the way we deliver our training. We promote honesty and integrity across our organisation.


We’re flexible in our delivery and the way we work. Our courses can be delivered through our facilities in Australia and the UAE or at a location of your choice.

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